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Below is an overall index of the Tips and Projects that we have posted to this website.  The major topics are contained in sub webs (for example, for the complete engine/transmission restoration).  The videos are all referenced to YouTube downloads.  While you can watch these videos on YouTube, you will not have the benefit of the index and other comments that may be included within this site.



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Jan 2015

Our first major production.  A full, step by step restoration and assembly of a Model T engine and transmission.

Dec 2015

Mike Vaughn joined the team, producing an excellent presentation on the restoration of a Model T Coil.  This will be the first project in a series on the Ignition system.

Dec 2015

A "Reference" section was added to provide a quick look up for information and miscellaneous pictures.

Jan 2017

Restoration of Generator and Starter.

Presented at the Hutchinson Winter Clinic.

Jan 2017

Installation of new transmission drums on old gears.

Soon 2017

Modification of the block, machining and babbitting for the Stroker Crankshaft.

Some preliminary videos have been shot.  Look for this to be published in 2017 or 2018.

Soon 2017

Restoration of Model T Rear End

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